Florida Theatre Conference

College Faculty Group Registration

Part A: College/University/Conservatory Institutional Fact Sheet

This is a two part registration form. Part A is general institutional information which will be included in the College/University/Conservatory Guide, issued to all transfer and secondary audition candidates. After submitting this section you will advance to Part B, which is the festival registration form for you and your colleagues. This part will also include registration for the College Fair.

BY USING THESE FORMS YOU WILL REGISTER YOUR SCHOOL, BE ABLE TO ATTEND STUDENT AUDITIONS, HAVE A BOOTH IN THE COLLEGE FAIR, AND SECURE ONE LUNCHEON TICKET!!!  You must also complete PART B Form and pay  your Organizational Membership fee ($85.00 which includes one member’s fee, one Networking Luncheon ticket), AND ONE COLLEGE FAIR Table) and $60.00 for each additional faculty member (and if desired $15.00 for each additional luncheon ticket).

The completed form must be received in the FTC office by SEPTEMBER 21, 2018t. We will accept late registrations through OCTOBER 1, 2018, however, an automatic late penalty will be assessed. Payment in full is due on October 1st. If payment is not received by this date, your registration may be forfeited.

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After you submit this form you will be taken to Part B: College/University Group Membership & Registration Form