Florida Theatre Conference

Room E009, E Auditorium Theatre

Technical Information

Complete information can be found in the “Technical Information Packet E009”

Stage Dimensions:
The “E” building auditorium is a converted and expanded lecture hall. It is arranged in a semi-thrust configuration.
Plaster line to US stage edge = 14’0″
Plaster line to maximum DS thrust = 12’4″
Total proscenium opening = 29’11” wide x 13’9″ high
Wing Space: SR 11′ wide X 20′ deep. SL 13’9″ wide 14’9″ deep

General Stage Info:
Occupational safety, health, and fire regulations must be observed at all times. The stage floor must be kept free of debris. Renters shall not apply any substances to the stage floor. No fastening (screwing, nail or stapling) to the floor is permitted.
Spike marks, shall be chalk or low-residue tape such as gaffer, spike or electrical and removed during load-out/strike
Painting is restricted to minor touch-ups and drop clothes must be used

Overhead Rigging:
This space is a dead hung pipe system, no pipes or positions are available for scenery, lighting or rigging other than the currently installed items.

Curtains & Soft Goods:
Nothing may be pinned, stapled, sewn, taped, or attached in any manner to curtains or softgoods owned by SF-Fine Arts Dept.
Main curtain: Main curtain Travels and is manually operated from SR. the drapery is 100% fullness, 27oz Charisma with lining. The Installed legs & borders are weathered, 25% fullness un-lined “commando cloth” style.

Storage Room:
Use of the Storage room (former scene shop) is to be used only as a transitional space for load-in and load-outs. All renters must bring their scenery into the theatre ready for set-up with all necessary hardware, rigging, materials, etc.

Loading dock & parking area:
The loading dock is level, the loading area, however, is graded making the following dock heights: east 4’3″ west 4’7-1/2″ above the ground. The loading area can receive 2 passenger vehicles or light truck/vans. Or 1 straight truck less than 20′ box/bed length. Due to obstructions and Fire Lane clearance, a skilled driver is required for trucks box length over 16′ long and trucks over 24′ are prohibited. Alternative loading through standard person doors, is available depending on load-in.
Parking in this area is reserved for active loading. All other adjacent parking spaces are handicap placarded

Lighting console is ETC Express 125. SFC-FAH programmer &/or operator will be supplied at each console.
Standard wall outlets are located on the US side of the proscenium wall on both SL & SR. Additional outlet are located SR of center on the US rear wall. And in the mechanical/electrical area of the USL wall. All electrical devices used must meet all applicable NEC

Stage Floor Construction:
In addition to the above listed usage guidelines. The majority of the stage floor is hardwood covered with ¼” Hardboard (Masonite). A small “border area” is vinyl tile over concrete covered in matching ¼” hardboard (Masonite) the farthest Down Stage edge of the stage is 36″(approximate) shop built extension. This extension is constructed of 2×4 framed platforms covered in ¾” plywood and ¼” hardboard. The nominal dimensions of the usable acting area 30′ wide X 25′ deep

Event Communications:

2 channel head-set and belt pack wired communication. Stations are located in typical theatre placements, Sound and Lighting control, Stage left and right, Stage manager and ASM stations in the booth and/or on SL. Dressing rooms have monitor only stations, the common hallway has a surface mount speaker/talk back station on

Backstage Video Monitors:
A standard video camera located above the audience lever at the rear of the house, provides a video feed to a monitor on the on-stage SM/ASM station, the common hallway between the dressing rooms and room E-106

Changing, Make-up & Green Room:
E-119 (Men) and E-116 (Women) are the dressing rooms provided for all of “E” activities. The common hallway between the dressing rooms is often used as a green room area, and has event communication and video monitors. In-addition there are 2 addition changing rooms with lavatory facilities located on-stage.

Special Notes:
No use of atmospheric effects (haze, fog or smoke) are permitted in this space
ADA access from the house to the stage is by exiting the house and re-entering the “E” building annex.
Open flame or pyrotechnic effects of any kind are not permitted


Technical Information Packet E009

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FTC E009 Lighting Plot

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