Florida Theatre Conference

E129, Building E Black Box Theatre

The E-129 Black Box studio is a multi-purpose classroom space
This space supports theatre, dance and music classes and recitals. It is arranged in a ¾ thrust with tiered seating on 3 sides and mirrors are located along the upstage (West) wall. This room is a flexible space with few installed systems. The typical room capacity is 99 persons.

Technical Information

Complete information can be found in the “Technical Information Packet E129”

General Stage Info:
Occupational safety, health, and fire regulations must be observed at all times. The stage floor must be kept free of debris. Renters shall not apply any substances to the stage floor. No fastening (screwing, nail or stapling) to the floor is permitted.
Spike marks, shall be chalk or low-residue tape such as gaffer, spike or electrical and removed during load-out/strike
No painting is allowed
The dimensions of the stage/dance floor are: North > South (SL >SR) 32’0″ East > West (DS > US) 28’0″

Overhead Rigging:
This space is limited to perimeter overhead lighting positions. There are no pipes or positions available for scenery, lighting or rigging other than the currently installed lighting plot.

Curtains & Soft Goods:
Nothing may be pinned, stapled, sewn, taped, or attached in any manner to curtains or softgoods owned by SF-Fine Arts Dept.
The Installed mirror masking are weathered, 25% fullness un-lined “commando cloth” style. They are intended to cover the permanently installed dance mirrors

Load-in & Load-out:
Material handling thru this space is through standard doorways. 41″ wide 82″ tall

Lighting Console is ETC Impression 24/48. SFC-FAH programmer and/or operator will be supplied at each console.
Standard wall outlets are located on the North (SL) & South (SR) walls with 2 additional outlets located on the East (BOH). All electrical devices used must meet all applicable OSHA, NEC & NRTL

Stage Floor Construction:
This floor is an installed shop built dance floor. 2×4 sleepers assemble a “basket weave” dynamic floor covered in 2 layers of ¾” ply and a commercial padded dance floor. The total height of this floor is 0′-5-1/4″. There are 4 ramps 24″ wide that transition from floor level to top of the wooden dance floor.
All scenic objects must be carried or wheeled over this floor. No objects may be slid or dragged while on the dance floor. No pointed or edged weapons or props may be used on this stage.

Event Communications:
None installed

Changing, Make-up & Green Room:
E-119 (Men) and E-116 (Women) are the dressing rooms provided for all of “E” activities.

Special notes:
No use of atmospheric effects (haze, fog or smoke) are permitted in this space
Open flame or pyrotechnic effects of any kind are not permitted


Technical Information Packet E129

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FTC E129 Lighting Plot

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