Florida Theatre Conference

Fine Arts Hall Theater

The design of the 606-seat Grand Hall, created by architects Zeidler Partnership, Inc. in West Palm Beach, is split into two sections — a 476-seat lower level and 130-seat balcony — so that no matter where you sit, you’re near the stage and have a great view. The luxurious seats are arranged for visual interest and a more intimate audience experience. www.sfcollege.edu/finearts

Technical Information

Complete information can be found in the “FAH Technical Information Packet”

Stage Dimensions:
48′ 5-1/2″ wide x 32′ deep x 26′ tall
Floor: hardboard (Masonite) over 2x plywood on a dynamic dance sub-floor
Plaster line to typical ground row = 32′ Plaster line to U.S. wall = 35′
S.R. wing to fly rail = 13′ 5″
S.L. wing to Orchestra shell storage

Stage General info:
Occupational safety, health, and fire regulations must be observed at all times. The stage floor must be kept free of debris. Renters shall not apply any substances to the stage floor. No fastening (screwing, nail or stapling) to the floor is permitted.
Spike marks, shall be chalk or low-residue tape such as gaffer, spike or electrical and removed during load-out/strike
Painting is restricted to minor touch-ups and drop clothes must be used

Curtains and soft goods:
Nothing may be pinned, stapled, sewn, taped, or attached in any manner to curtains or softgoods owned by SF-FAH.

Scene Shop:
Use of the scene shop except for access from the loading area to the stage is not permitted. Use of tools and materials is not permitted. Renters must bring their scenery into the theatre ready for set-up with all necessary hardware, rigging, materials, etc.

Orchestra Pit:
Approximate capacity of 20 musicians. Not used as part of FTC

Fly System:
Only Santa Fe College staff authorized to do so may operate, install, or remove any and all rigging equipment in the Fine Arts Hall. The Technical Director will establish safe rigging practices for any event in which rigging beyond the standard house rigging is used and will supervise all rigging operations. The live flying of any persons or animals is prohibited.
Lock & Pin Rail located Stage Right
Single Purchase Counterweight system with 45 Line sets on 6″ centers
Full grid above stage 62′” Access via SR Floor, SR & SL @ 3rd floor
Maximum trim height = 61′ 6″ (floor to top of batten)
Typical Batten length = 60′ 0″

House Curtain
Ink Blue, 100% Trevira fabric, sewn with 100% fullness

Rigging System
Type: single purchase Counterweight
Weight Available: TBD
Total Line sets: 45
Maximum Arbor capacity: 9’6″ arbor = 1,824 lbs.
13’0″ arbor = 2,574 lbs. Orchestra Shell & shell storage
Rigging points from the grid = not used as part of FTC

Loading Dock:
South East Corner of the facility facing east
1 truck at a time
1 Car/van at a time
Truck access to the scene shop via the loading dock
Dock height= 3′ 09″ tall
Dock/Ramp length= 57′
Dock width = 16′
Ramp Width = 12′
Car Dock/ramp accesses to the backstage hallway via the loading area
Car/Van doors 9’11” wide x 9’11” tall

Electrical Specifications:
Lighting console is ETC Ion. SFC-FAH programmer &/or operator will be supplied at each console.
All electrical equipment used must comply with OSHA, NEC and be listed by a national recognized testing laboratory.
Only equipment approved by SF-FAH technical director or audio supervisor may be plugged in to AVTP (orange) outlets.
High power outlets (208 – 240 VAC) usage must be approved by SF-FAH staff (TD, Lighting or Audio)
Company Switch Located USL – 400 amp 3 phase Metered – Cam-lock & lug connections Not part of FTC

Stage Floor
Masonite (hardboard) covering 2x layers of ¾” ply
Stage floor can support a small area load of 4000 lbs.
The floor must be protected with 2 additional layers of crossing ¾” plywood

Orchestra pit Filler
Vertical Loading – Maximum load is 125 lbs. per square foot of deck surface or a 2,000# point load applied to a 6″ x 6″ area. Both loads cannot be applied at the same time

Audio/ communication Specifications
Hearing assistance system
Infrared system with 16 assorted receivers controlled from the booth
Clear-Com intercom 4 channels
Panel station in green room & dressing rooms
Belt-pack connections located in technical spaces
Paging & all-call
All paging source selection is located in the booth
Source is switchable between a FOH microphone or program feed
All backstage areas have paging system with local volume control
Backstage paging microphones & chime control are located in the production office & stage manager console
All lobby & public spaces have paging system with volume control in theatre manager office, booth & box office
Public paging microphones & chime control are located in the theatre manager office, box office & stage manager console
Backstage video monitors default to the stage view camera position
Lobby monitors can be patched to the stage view camera
Other video patching locations are available with advance (2 week min) notice

Open Flame and Pyrotechnic Effects; Open flame or pyrotechnic effects of any kind are not permitted without specific, written consent of the Theatre Manager. Pyrotechnic effects require the presence and direct supervision of a licensed pyrotechnician, provided and certified by the Licensee. Safety requirements for any such use will be determined by the Fine Arts Hall Management in consultation with the Safety and Risk Management Department of Santa Fe College. If the use of open flame or pyrotechnic effects is desired the Licensee must deliver written notification to the venue management no later than two weeks prior to the renter’s first day on site. Please refer to NFPA 101 Life Safety Code – 2000 Edition, Section 12.7.2 “Open Flame Devices and Pyrotechnics.”

Weapons; The use of any weapons of any kind must be approved in writing by the Theatre Manager or Technical Director and the Santa Fe College Police Department two weeks prior to the event.. The Santa Fe College Police Department must approve overnight storage arrangements All weapons must be “stage prop” weapons – all blades dulled and all guns must be blank firing weapons only. Licensee must provide documentation of the fight choreographer’s credentials and the management retains the right to refuse use of weaponry.

Special Effects;
All effects including pyrotechnics, open flame, smoke, fog, gun shots (live or recorded), water, or strobe light effects must be cleared through the Theatre Manager and appropriate signage language provided. The Theatre Manager will post effects signage at his discretion in conspicuous lobby locations. No audience member will be admitted into the Theatre until the appropriate signage is in place.


FAH Technical Information Packet

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FAH Lighting Plot

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FAH Magic Sheet

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FAH Stage Layout

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