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This Play Festival Registration form must be received in the FTC office by September 21st. Late registrations will be accepted through October 1st, however a late penalty will be assessed.

Press the “Print This Page” button prior to submitting to keep a printed copy for your records. Then press the “Submit” button, to complete registration.

All checks must be made payable to Florida Theatre Conference, and mailed directly to our office at:

Florida Theatre Conference
5650 Park Boulevard
Suite 7
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Rules and Regulations

The Board of Directors of the Florida Theatre Conference has adopted these rules and regulations to help provide you and your company a safe theatre experience.

A participating organization/school may select from all types of plays and musicals.
The performance must be appropriate for an elementary school audience.

The play may be a published work or an original piece. A participating school must secure production rights from the author or publishers and are responsible for paying any royalty fees required. The Florida Theatre Conference shall in no case be held responsible for any faults that may occur in royalties. The publishing company shall be included as part of the FTC Festival program.

A copy of the permission to perform from the publisher of your play must be presented to the Theatre for Youth Chair prior to performance.

No eating of food is allowed backstage, in the dressing/makeup rooms, or hallways of any theatre on the SFC campus.

A participating organization may hold the stage for no more than 45 minutes.

An additional time allotment of fifteen minutes is given to the respondents for oral critiques. The Theatre for Youth Play Festival is not a competition; however, individual performance awards will be presented during the closing ceremonies.

A participating organization must provide its own technical materials such as set, make-up, costumes, hand and furniture properties, and sound effects. No individual spiking of the stage is allowed. The organization must adhere to the regulations of the state fire codes.

Special lighting effects are allowed within the limitations for the place of performance, and the equipment provided by Santa Fe College and the FAH Theatre. These limitations are listed in the Fine Arts Hall Technical Information Packet, found on the Theatre for Youth page of the FTC website. The SFC Lighting Director does not recommend using programmed lighting cues due to short prep time. Shows need to be run “on the fly” as SFC cannot promise time for programming. The SFC Lighting Director can provide ample amounts of control from sub-masters, and will be present to help students/volunteers navigate the board.

Open flame or pyrotechnic effects of any kind are not permitted without specific, written consent of the Santa Fe College Theatre Manager at least two weeks prior to performance. These effects require the presence and direct supervision of a licensed pyrotechnician.

All “special effects” including but not limited to pyrotechnics, open flame, smoke, fog, gun shots (live or recorded), water, or strobe light effects must be cleared through the Santa Fe college Theatre Manager at least two weeks in advance of performance.

The use of any weapons of any kind must be approved in writing by the Santa Fe College Theatre Manager or Technical Director. They also must approve the overnight storage arrangements. All weapons must be “stage prop” weapons – all blades dulled and all guns must be blank firing weapons only. These restrictions also apply to “toys” used as props, but which resemble real weapons. Notification and approval must be completed at least two weeks prior to performance.

A detailed floor plan showing the size and the arrangement of the Fine Arts Hall stage is provided by FTC on its website in a .pdf format. Stage crews will be furnished by the performing venue (Santa Fe College) and will work with the director, cast, and crew of each participating organization. Each organization must be responsible for setting, striking, and cleaning the area for its own production.

Questions may be directed to any member of the Board of Directors directly on our contact page.

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