Florida Theatre Conference

Distinguished Career Awards

In 1986, the Florida Theatre Conference began recognizing individuals in the state of Florida that had made a contributing effort in the area of Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, University/College Theatre, Theatre for Youth, and High School Theatre. Each year the Board solicits names from the general membership for these awards. Over the years, these awards have been given to persons in the state of Florida that have made a difference in their area.

If you are an FTC member, you are entitled to nominate a candidate(s) for this award. A master ballot will be compiled by the Executive Director and presented to the FTC Board of Directors for final selection from each division. The nomination of members should be based upon their service to the organization and field. If you should enter a name that the Board of Directors may not be familiar with, we ask that you include a short resume.To nominate a member, please complete the form found in the left menu and submit it online. The deadline for submission is September 1st. Thank you for your interest, and continued support of the arts in Florida.

2017 Distinguished Career Awards

Lauren Caldwell – Professional Theatre- The Hippodrome Theatre
Scott Cooper – College/Universiy- St. Petersburg College, Clearwater Campus
Melaney Douglass – High School Theatre- University High School Orlando
Richard Hopkins – Lifetime Achievement- Florida Studio Theatre
Vanessa Logsdon – Community Theatre- Highlands Little Theatre
Evelyn Tyler – Volunteer of the Year- Florida A&M University

Past Award Recipients

Outstanding Contribution to Florida’s College & University Theatre

1986: Al Wehlburg
1987: Robert Kase
1988: Harold Burris-Meyers
1989: Judith Kase-Polisini
1990: Jim Wright
1991: Gil Lazier
1992: Walter Shipley
1993: H. Kenneth Walker III
1996: Robert Ankrom
1998: Mary Ann Bentley
1999: Marilyn de Simone
2000: David Moberg
2001: David Young
2002: Dr. Richard G. Hinners
2003: Barton Lee
2004: Kenneth McCulough
2005: Kenneth Kurtz
2006: Ben Wilson
2007: Donald Seay
2009: Rosemarie O’Bourke
2010: Ed Kelly
2011: Mikell Pinkney
2013: Johnny Pettegrew
2014: Kevin Marshall
2015: Dr. Valencia E. Matthews
2016: David Kwiat

Outstanding Contribution to Florida’s Professional Theatre

1986: Richard Fallon
1987: Burt Reynolds
1988: Michael Hall
1989: Tippin Davidson
1990: Bob Naismith
1991: Norman Easterbrook
1998: Lester Malizia
2000: Howard Millman
2001: Ann Reinking
2004: Patrick Wilson
2005: Mark Chambers
2008: Gene Colombus
2009: Mary Hausch
2011: Bridget R. Bartlett
2012: Judy Lisi
2013: Michael Donald Edwards
2014: Joseph Adler
2015: Marilyn Wall
2016: Elizabeth Dimon

Outstanding Contribution to Florida’s Theatre for Youth

1986: Nancy Yoje
1987: Ruth Foreman
1988: Linda DeGabrielle
1989: Cornelia Dozier
1990: Bill Petterson
1991: Rene Sands
1993: V. Ann Nall
1995: Carole Ries
1998: Jerry Bickel
2000: Judith Delgado
2002: Stephen D. Nelson
2005: Doreen Heard
2006: Jeff Revels
2008: Linda Downey
2012: Earl Maulding
2015: Rhonda Wilson
2016: Rick & Terri D’Onofrio

Outstanding Contribution to Florida’s Theatre as a Volunteer

2012: Loraine Tetzler
2013: Margaret Gress

Outstanding Contribution to Florida’s Community Theatre

1986: Hazel Lewis
1987: Phyliss Walters
1988: Angus McPherson
1989: Norman Small
1990: Mario Sanchez
1991: Michael Fortner
1992: Ken Garner
1993: Mary Ann Dean
1997: Mary Britt
1998: Fran Walker
1999: Rosemary Greene
2001: Dallas Zonkers
2002: Peg Brandon
2005: Tammy Serebrin
2006: Murray Chase
2007: Janet Castro
2008: Deborah and Dale Carpenter
2009: Eric Hurst
2011: Jean Rahner
2012: Frank and Fran Hilgenberg
2015: Naomi Rose-Mock
2016: Kathy Holsworth

Outstanding Contribution to Florida’s Theatre in High Schools

1986: Christine Chavers
1987: Marty Hancock
1988: Ellen Davis
1989: Donna White
1990: Joe Boyd
1991: Sheila Taylor
1992: Don Jones
1993: B. J. Leiter
1994: Debra Barnum
1997: Sandra Q. Cockrell
1998: Ken Weigers
1999: Jay W. Jensen
2001: Rick Adams
2002: George Murray Mintz
2003: Beverly Blanchette
2004: Carla Webster
2005: Robert Strickland
2006: Karen Ruggerio
2008: Charlotte Brown Seward
2009: Frank Venezia
2010: Margie Timmons
2011: Christa Whittaker
2012: Paul Hughes
2013: Nancy Sears
2014: Patricia Kelley
2015: Shannon O’Bryan
2016: Karen Bail

Lifetime Achievement

1997: William H. Lockey, Jr.
1998: Donald Creason
2000: Robert Ankrom
2005: James Randolph, Sr.
2009: Sandra Cockrell
2011: Don E. Jones, Jr.
2014: Norman Small
2015: Ken Wiegers

Theatre Arts Advocacy

2000: Sherron Long
2008: Senator Evelyn Lynn
2009: Commissioner Bill Segal
2012: Jeanne Reynolds
2014: Terry Olson
2016: Senator Don Gaetz, District 1

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